Competence in Corporate Change
Competence in Corporate Change

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An ally for you as a leader

An ally for you as a leader
An ally for you as a leader

Stephan Meyer’s approaches take into account two key goals of the customer: Increasing corporate value and increasing life worth. Increase in corporate value is the feeling of having created something, which you can later pass on with pride. Increase in life worth is the art to have more time for the essential things.

You have the responsibility. You are either an entrepreneurial owner or invested in a company. Maybe you are working in the management.

You want to obtain a change in your area of responsibility. However, you lack the time to accompany these changes in detail.

You need someone who consistently promotes the change.

You find Stephan Meyer, who has already implemented many changes in organizations. Not only in theory on paper, but for real in practice with demonstrable results.

Typical tasks to make innovation become reality

Strategy & future
Preparing for upcoming changes in the market

Change management & process optimization
Planning major change and accompanying it

Crisis management & turnaround
Quick solutions to urgent problems

Program management & multi project mgmt
Coordinating large task packages